"Thank you for always providing the excellent response time and customer service that you do!!!"

  -City of Fort Wayne
   Fort Wayne |  October 2016


 "I appreciate you keeping this within the allotted amount! I exclusively use you guys for all of my biohazard clean-up and without a doubt will continue to do that. Thanks for the prompt and exceptional service. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Have a great week."

  -Blood in Vehicle
   Fort Wayne |  October 2016


"Your guys were the most professional in dealing with this difficult situation."

-Apartment Manager  |  Decomposition
Fort Wayne |  August 2015


"Your guys were great to work with. They took good care of me and I am going to take good care of you getting that deductable paid. Thank you for working with me. This has never happened to me before. Thank you so much."

  -Husband of wife who committed suicide
   Noblesville, IN |  January 2015


"Your guys did great. Thanks for finding that ring. They went above and beyond."

  -Attempted Homicide
  Fort Wayne |  April 2014


"Your guys were great to work with. All your people were so nice. Thanks for all your help in dealing with my brothers death."

  -Brother of decomposition situation
   Fort Wayne |  January 2014


"I would like to thank you and your team for your quick response and clean-up in this difficult situation."

  -Aids Decomposition
  Fort Wayne |  August 2013

"Thanks for continuing to do a great job!"

  -City of Fort Wayne
  Fort Wayne |  August 2013


"Your guys were great. They were hard workers. They got this mess cleaned up so we could get back in business. Thanks for your help."

-Business Owner - Deer through glass window
Anderson, IN  |  May 2013


"Thanks as always for your great work and quick response!"

-City of Fort Wayne
Fort Wayne, IN  |  March 2013


"I really appreciated how your truck was unmarked. I rounded the corner and saw that your truck wasn't marked up for the neighbors to see. I appreciated that. Thanks for your help."

-Owner of Apartment Complex - Suicide
Ossian, IN  |  November 2012


"You and your guys were great. They went above and beyond in clean this up. I cannot believe what they did for our family. I cannot say thank you enough."

-Daughter of Suicide Victim
 Angola, IN  |  September 2012


"You guys were great. This was a very difficult situation. The bedroom looks great. Thanks for what you did."

-Niece of Suicide Victim
 Fort Wayne, IN  |  September 2012


"As always, you provide a quick response."

-City of Fort Wayne (Park Clean-Up)
  Fort Wayne, IN, January 2012


"You guys were very prompt and got my house backn in a livable condition. I really appreciate that."

-Mother of Homicide (Suicide Situation)
 Huntertown, IN  |  January 2012


"Your people were very kind and did a good job. We are satisfied with the work you did."

-Owner of Duplex (Decomposition Situation)
 Warsaw, IN,  |  July 2011


"You have been very responsive, helpful and good to work with. Thank you."

-Brother-in-Law of Suicide Victim (Automobile Clean-Up)
  Fort Wayne, IN


"I appreciate everything you did. Your guys did a great job."

-Brother of Suicide Victim
  Reelsville, IN, | March 2010


"Mark, Adam, and Jason were awesome. They did a wonderful job. I don't know how to thank you."

-Sister of Victim (Decomposition Situation)
  Milford, IN  |  January 2010


"You guys jumped thru hoops for us to get this clean-up done. We appreciate that and the quick response."

-Head of Maintenance, Archers Pointe Apartments
  Decomposition Situation
  Fort Wayne, IN  |  November 2009


"Ray, thanks for your quick response and help."

-Wife of Suicide Victim
  Fort Wayne, IN  |  2009


"I want to thank you for all your help thru the last few months. This has really been difficult for us. The house sold last week on Friday, so we got this issue behind us. Again, thanks - I think you guys did a great job. You had a lot of dignity working thru this kind of thing. This was difficult for us. We never expected this. We never knew there were companies like Clean X-Treme. Again, thank you very much. Just wanted to extend the thanks from the family to get this behind us."

-Brother, Executor of Estate
  Suicide / Decomposition Situation
  Fort Wayne, IN  |  2009