Specialty Vehicles

X-Treme 1
Ford E450 Diesel 

2 X-Treme
Ford E 250 Extended

Support 1
Wells Cargo 12 Foot Trailer

Support 2
New Paris 16x12 Flatbed Trailer


All vehicles are unmarked to be discrete for families and businesses.

2 X-Treme Pictures




2 X-Treme
Ford E 250 Extended

Internal LED Rope and Florescent Lighting
Rear Receiver 500 Watt Light Tower
Moderate Biohazard Supplies
Moderate Tool Cache
   -Ozone Generator
   -Vaportek Odor Control Machine
   -Carpet Machine
   -Chemical Sprayers
   -Used to Fluoresce Blood and Body Fluids
   -For Quality Assurance and Inspection
Microbial Test Kit
   -For Quality Assurance and Inspection
Digital Camera 
LED Scene Light

Rehab Supplies
   -11,000 Cubic Foot per Minute Fan
   -Hose Coil Cooler
   -Portable Air Conditioner
   -Spray Misters
   -Tri-Pod Misters
   -Drink Coolers & Gatorade
   -Hose Adapters

Mass Fatality Supplies
   -Marking Flags
   -Marking Paint
   -Scene Tape

Quick response vehicle.
Responds to small to medium-size clean-ups.
Only vehicle of its kind in the region.